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Last Thursday was the first time I was able to visit Tutus Brooklyn. I frequently pass by this restaurant on my way home but usually, I do not have the time to stop by since I am always in a rush. But last Thursday was different. To give you an overview, this is a very beautiful place that will make you curious about the food and drinks they serve here. From the outside alone, you can already have a feeling that this is a warm and homey place and I was not disappointed. Everything about this place speaks of class without being too ostentatious. Other than that, the food they serve here is amazing too. It will make you want to come back again and again.


Let me just give you a disclaimer that this is a highly addicting place. This has already been my favorite hangout place for three years now. Many restaurants have already opened around it and even then, I still prefer this. Nothing can beat the homey and welcoming ambiance of Tutus Brooklyn. It would really make you feel like home. One of the things I can suggest you to try would be their handcrafted beer. This comes in many different flavors such as berries, bubblegum, grapes, chocolate, and more. I highly recommend you to have the coffee flavored beer because it is really amazing. You’d never get enough.


I came here with friends during game night to just unwind. The bar felt old for us during that time and we do not feel like partying. We found this place through the recommendation of one of our friends and coming here has been an amazing experience. We went out more relaxed than we were before we came to this place. It is hard not to because of the overall vibe the place exudes. Make sure to come here to know what I am talking about.