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Q: Can you only be found in Henderson or do you have any other branches in other areas?

A: Our first and main branch can be found in Henderson. So far, we do not have any other branches yet but we are already planning on opening two more by the start of next year. Let us give you a more concrete picture of that when we already finalized the plans. You can find announcements with regards to it at our online bulletin.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: We do deliver in places near our restaurant. You can check out the list of the places we cover at the drop-down menu that can be found at the left-hand corner of the tab ‘Order Now.’ If you do not see there yet your place, then it means that we do not have yet the facility to deliver to your location but rest assured that we are already working on this at present.

Q: How to order?

A: You can order by accessing the ‘Order Now’ tab. There you can choose all the dishes you want to order. Note that the dishes are not always the same every day as we make it a point to create something new all the time to give them wider choices and a variety.

Q: Do you have vegan dishes?

A: We have here dishes for every individual. No matter what your dietary restrictions are, we make sure to accommodate them to give you a good experience here at our restaurant. However, if you have any food allergies, we highly recommend you to tell us beforehand so that our chefs can adjust. You can email us before coming to our restaurant or just advice our staff upon arriving. In that way, we can be more informed and prepared.