Good food and still lose weight? 11 tips that are guaranteed to work

Do you want to lose weight and still have a good meal? Often the meals and snacks in a diet are not something to look forward to and are therefore difficult to maintain.
Stop eating a diet that makes you feel uncomfortable.
There are many foods and ingredients that are often forgotten, but which are very healthy and tasty. Eating can be made sweeter in a healthy way or it can get more taste by using ingredients that are purely natural. This means that you will still lose weight and can continue to enjoy your meals and snacks at the same time.
Weight loss tips
Here are some tips to make sure your food will taste great and help you lose weight:

1. Stevia

Stevia is the ideal substitute for sugar. This is because Stevia is 100% natural. Stevia comes from a plant in Paraguay and is also known as the honey herb. The sweetener is extracted from the leaves.
As far as we know, Stevia is the sweetest substance in the world and is about 300 to 400 times sweeter than sugar. In addition, Stevia has no detrimental properties, as is often the case with herbs. It is also striking that Stevia contains no calories, but that does not mean that it is healthy to eat Stevia all day.
When you buy Stevia, take a good look at the list of ingredients, because in the ‘normal’ supermarket it turns out that Stevia is not always pure, but mixed with sugar.

2. Herbs

By using the right herbs, you can flavor your food.
Cinnamon, for example, is very suitable for oatmeal. This way the porridge tastes a lot better and you also lose weight. Research has shown that cinnamon is beneficial for your blood sugar level, making you less likely to feel like something tasty. There is also less insulin produced, which ensures that fat is stored less quickly.
Another super healthy herb is basil. Basil can be used for all kinds of dishes. For example, it can be used to flavor a salad or meat.
Red pepper is also a suitable herb to use. This will increase your metabolism and you will burn more fat.

3. Olive oil

When frying or frying fish or meat, butter or sunflower oil is often used. This can best be replaced with olive oil. Olive oil contains very healthy fats that ensure that bad fats in the body are cleaned up more quickly.

4. Garlic

Garlic is very tasty with a sauce or fried/grilled together with fish or meat. Garlic may make your breath smell bad, but this is certainly an important ingredient to use with your meals. There are a lot of vitamins in garlic. Garlic also contains allicin and this is a substance that helps you to increase your metabolism.

5. Romanesque lettuce

There are many types of lettuce, but they are not all as healthy as Romanesque lettuce. This type of lettuce tastes better and is even healthier. In addition, the body needs more energy to burn the calories of lettuce than it produces. Another good substitute for lettuce is spinach.

6. Pesto

Pesto often contains many healthy ingredients and it tastes delicious. With pesto you can flavor many different types of food such as meat, fish, rice, quinoa or vegetables. So stop flavouring your food with all kinds of sauces from sachets. These often contain all kinds of unhealthy additives.

7. Spelt

Products with spelt are becoming increasingly popular. Spelt bread is already available in many supermarkets and bakers. What is so healthy about spelt is that this grain is ancient and not genetically modified as is the case with wheat. Spelt contains no less than 10 to 25% more protein than wheat and is therefore one of the most protein-rich grains. Because of the high protein content you are saturated quicker and eventually you eat less. So it is possible that you will eat half as many sandwiches. You also get less calories because you need less filling.

8. Seeds and kernels

Sunflower seeds, pine nuts or hemp seeds are delicious seasonings for the salad. They are also very healthy and help you lose weight. Seeds and seeds satisfy hunger because of the healthy single fats they contain.

9. Lemon

Lemon has a very cleansing effect on your body and increases your metabolism. Lemon can be used for many purposes. For example, if you’re tired of drinking water all day, add a slice of lemon. You can also use lemon to give fish, meat or vegetables a fresher taste.

10. Grilling

Try to grill your meat or fish instead of frying it. When you start grilling, the fat can easily drip off and you won’t eat it. Also, when grilling you need very little or sometimes no fat, which makes the meat or fish even less fat.

11. Prepare all your food yourself

What is important is to compose your own food, to use fresh ingredients and to experiment a lot. This way you will always discover new recipes and it remains fun to eat healthy and lose weight.

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