About Us

luxury restaurant

Tutus Brooklyn is a gastropub that is located in the heart of Henderson, Nevada. It is specifically established for people who are looking for a nice hangout place at the end of a long day or a stressful one. This thoroughly planned starting from the overall architectural structure of the place, the interior, and even the food and drinks that will be served in the place. We want every individual who will come here to only get the utmost satisfaction other restaurants and bar cannot provide. Granted, we lean on the lighter side of a typical bar – no loud music and the crowd is more controlled, but nevertheless, we served the purpose in providing a nice and relaxing place to people who need it.

We started in having only a smaller space than what we already have now. But through religious effort and with the encouragement and support of our valued customers, we were able to expand. Now, we are four times bigger than what we were before and we do not stop there. We are still continuously doing our best so that we can better serve our customers. In fact, to answer their clamor to set up a branch, now we are already on the first stage in making it happen. We are now opening two more branches at the start of the next year. We know that you are looking forward to it that is why we highly encourage you to stay tuned to our online bulletin so you can be on the forefront of the receivers of the news. You can also sign up for our newsletter so you will not miss our updates. This is all for FREE. Plus, you even have the chance to score amazing deals, discounts, and FREEBIES on everything that we offer here at Tutus Brooklyn. Don’t miss this chance and sign up now!